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Blocking three links

When the pipeline is opened and closed, the sealing three passes are welded to the pipeline in advance, and then the sealing valve is connected with the clamping valve and the opening machine or the sealing machine. The three passage is mainly composed of flange, blind flange, nozzle, upper and lower guard plate, plug handle ring mechanism and sealing ring.

When pipeline tapping or plugging, weld the plugging tee onto the pipe in advance, and then connect the sandwich valve and tapping machine or plugging machine to carry out drilling and plugging operations. The plugging tee is mainly composed of flange, blind flange, adapter tube, upper and lower guard boards, plug handle, ring lock mechanism, and O ring, etc.

Applicable pipesize: 2"-48"

Design pressure: 0-15MPa

In 2011, our company developed the first plugging tee applicable to the pipes of 48" (Φ1219mm and design pressure is 12MPa), which is of the largest pipe diameter and highest pressure in China at present; it was successfully applied in Weihe River one-sided non-stop plugging project of the east section of the West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project (II) on December 20, 2011. The product reaches the domestic advanced level.

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